How do the A51 token holders govern the protocol?

A51 Token Governance Structure

The governance of the A51 Token is vested in the hands of voters, granting them the power to make key decisions. The governance process is organized as follows:

Voting Rights

The influence of each vote in the governance process is directly proportional to the number of A51 tokens staked by the voter. In other words, the more A51 tokens you stake, the greater your voting power.

Token Emission

Decisions related to token emission in specific Liquidity Provider (LP) pools and their subsequent distribution are collectively determined by voters. Any rewards resulting from these emissions will be distributed in the form of A51 tokens.

Protocol Fee

Voters can vote on the percentage of the fee that the protocol charges and what percentage of that goes to the strategy creators.

Strategy Hooks

Governance can propose and vote on new strategy modes that become part of the protocol.

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