Legacy as Unipilot (v2)

Unipilot has rebranded to A51 Finance

On Sep 27, 2023, the Unipilot community passed a proposal to rebrand Unipilot to A51 here.

Our earlier incarnation as Unipilot facilitating an Automated Liquidity Manager (ALM), allowed users to contribute liquidity to actively managed, concentrated vaults. Each of these vaults represented a rigorously back-tested strategy built on top of Automated Market Makers (AMMs) like Uniswap v3 and Quickswap.

We will keep supporting ALM, but we will not launch any new vaults. However, the current ALM features will now be supported in ALP as the new protocol will have inherent capabilities to support any strategy.

The people who have loved Unipilot for its ease of use will see A51-managed vaults in ALM providing easy access to liquidity provision.

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